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Established since 2014, and operating in Suriname and Guyana mainly, we offer many services for the Oil and Gas, Shipping and Offshore Sector. Reflecting our proud heritage as a Bunker Trader in Suriname, we are experts in assisting our clients with sourcing and purchasing the highest quality products in a cost-effective manner. You can rest assured that our multicultural and multilingual teams will meet all your logistics and supply requirements. 

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Our Bunkering Services:

1. Marine Gas Oil (Diesel)

2. IFO 180 and IFO 360

3. HFO

4. Lubricants

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We are currently offering agency services to:

Cargo Vessels


Tug and Barges

Offshore Supply Vessels


Oil Tankers

Fishing Boats

Vicente Sahebdin, CEO

Our team is led by Vicente, who has years of experience in logistics and supply chain management. He is passionate about delivering the best service possible to our customers.

⁠Clyde Griffith, COO

Clyde is our operations expert. He has helped us build a world-class logistics network that is second to none.